Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Build a New Home

After a few months of house hunting, I'm fairly certain we will be building a Ryan Homes Avalon model in Maryland.  We were looking at other areas in Maryland, but we decided to stay in the city we live in now, mainly because this works out better financially. Now the hard part sleepless nights fun begins! 

I've enjoyed reading other Ryan Homes blogs and using the wisdom and insight offered, I've started a note list a mile long to assist in my own home building adventure. 

We are going tomorrow to view the lots one more time, unfortunately the neighborhood is pretty full and they won't be opening the new section for quite awhile.  At this time, there are only three lots available to choose from (that fit an Avalon) and there are pros and cons to each.  

One thing that still causes a concern is that the lots are in a part of the neighborhood that is in relative close proximity to some major 500kv power transmission lines.  See here for a picture of what these things look like: Major Towers. Aside from the creepiness of these things (they are the most unattractive towers I've seen), I 'm hoping this does not effect resale value...  

After I decide on a lot, I'll be going to meet with the sales rep to start the process. I've already spent a lot of time selecting the options/upgrades wanted so I'll be able to get prices on everything and go from there.