Just ideas...  It may be awhile before I can furnish/decorate the way I want but a girl can dream :)

First order of business: find one of these!

Here is my first furniture purchase - seating for the family room:

Pillow colors (to be supplemented with others I find and rotated once in awhile) The two patterns will not be used at the same time:

the dark color is charcoal, not black as shown

The fabric is a very pretty subtle woven texture and is a nice neutral (no yellow/cream) - very updated and super comfortable.  I configured the pieces a little differently so it would be two separate pieces (more flexibility in furniture placement)...

Yes, with two kids I'm pretty brave (silly) for going with the light color - but I didn't like any of the other options (a honey color, lime green and very dark charcoal).  I'm getting slipcovers made for the seats and purchased the protection plan :)