Questions for PM/SR

I'm using this page to track the 1,001 things to consider as I come up with them (a lot is from reading other blogs).

-Closing and title fees can be negotiated, ask them to reduce fees and they CAN delete owner's title insurance.  Owner's title insurance to protect you if builder stole the lot from someone.... Ok, I need to look into this and get a professional's take on this issue

-Ask SR if I need to go over electrical/blueprints before finalization meeting...  I need to decide on what outlets are going to be half hots. **Answer: can go over at pre-construction

-Have basement walkout on the side of the house instead of at the rear - adds space for patio and lets in more light downstairs **Answer: don't think it can be done.  I'm going to confirm at pre-construction

-Garage - is the wiring done for a garage door opener? **Really important, ask at pre-construction

-Stairs:  metal balusters in kitchen/fam rm side too?  What about basement?

-Study: double door and transom window standard??

-Have window placement as follows:
J's room - side window 25" from front corner then the next 78" away on the wall.  
Living room - side windows 20" from back wall then 45" in between.  Just like Avalon Clinton model. Make sure they are at the right level on the wall.
**Answer: No choice on window placement, they are done per the permit/drawings.  I will confirm again at pre-construction.

-Study and Living Room Windows:  I want two side windows in each room.  Per SR, the study includes 2 windows and the LR has one.  I need to verify that the LR does not come with two windows.  If it does, remove the $495 charge.  If it does not, make sure I get the two windows (one paid $495 for).  I need them placed like they are in the Avalon model in Clinton (20" from back wall then 45" in between). I don't want a "double window" like J's room or the DR, especially if I'm paying for the extra.  **Answer.  Number of required windows will come back on plan.  I will ask about placement at pre-construction.

-Ask for three recessed lights over island to be put on one switch, so pendant lights can be separate from other kitchen lights.   Make sure other recessed lights are well-placed (may have to move one over).  Make the recessed over island pendant boxes (apparently different). **Answer:  The only way to get them on separate switch is to order 2 ceiling fan rough-in options (at $175 each).  I'll confirm at pre-construction.

-Order cabinet doors to dress up sides of cabinets **Forgot to ask, but I'm sure it would be too expensive.  Because Lowes apparently sells the same Timberlake Scottsdale style under a different name, maybe I can look into afterwards. 

-Kitchen counters - does granite run all the way up on the morning overhang wall?  Is it safe to delete granite "lip" altogether because we plan on doing a tile backsplash?

-Can I visit the granite warehouse a week before template visit to pick out my slab?  **Answer: Probably not, Ryan really discourages that practice. 

-Make sure hardwood is run underneath all cabinets; same for tile in bathrooms.  **Forgot to ask, but again, it would probably be too excessive of a fee.  I'll ask at pre-construction.

-Ask for bath floor tiles to be installed on a diagonal.  **Ask at pre-construction

-Molding on kitchen cabinets?  Make sure it is in plan during pre-construction.  **Ask at pre-construction

-Have Ryan put in a 2" tube based for wiring behind walls. Can run it yourself but they were willing to do it for a reasonable price. **Ask PM at pre-construction

-Can I add extra "windows" to basement?  **Ask at pre-construction

-Have outlets placed on wainscoting parallel to floorboards:  **Ask at pre-construction

-Where is fireplace switch? I don't want it on wall with fp.... **Ask at pre-construction

-Pay attention to blueprints, color choices and things on the options sheet - go over ALL special requests **Pre-construction

-I want a turned board for the transition from hardwood to FR and Study carpet - nothing raised. **Pre-construction

-Is the foundation the "brick-look" (fancy) concrete; what about the basement welled exit, same fancy concrete??  Can Iget the fancy concrete? **Ask at pre-construction

-Master Bath
Add another row of listello installed on front of tub - I picked such a perfect listello I want to use as much as I can.  Can I do a rectangle of the listello on the floor??  **Didn't ask, but would be very expensive I'm sure

Color: Cool Platinum - are the ceilings the same color?  What about the trim/doors?
Are the ceilings flat or textured???

Where exactly do I get crown molding and chair rail  and wainscoting with my trim package?  I know LR/DR but what about chair rail on stairs, crown in foyer, chair in "hall" behind FR? **SR needs to confirm

-Door Handles - Which rooms get locks? **Ask at pre-construction

-Ask to keep unused brick.

-Request blocking anywhere I may want to mount TV. **Pre-construction or pre-drywall

-Can we add extra insulation before they drywall?  Downstairs ceiling to dull any noise, over garage, etc...  **Pre-construction or pre-drywall

-Extra soundproofing between master sitting area and N's room. **Pre-construction

-Extra Insulation: **Pre-drywall
Walk around the house and fill gaps- 
running caulk along wood and foundation
window safe foam around all windows and exterior doors
expanding foam around pipes going through header plates (from wall interiors to attic)
foam pads behind outlet covers
-R13 sound barrier insulation that helps deaden the noise. Find out how studs are spaced and buy insulation in that width. Use a staple gun to secure each piece in a few places. Add extra after insulation inspection.  

-Is the insulation in the basement covered with a plastic sheet? **Pre-construction

-What type of waterproofing measures were taken in the basement? **Pre-construction

FRAMELESS GLASS SHOWER INFO/GUIDANCE - I haven't tried this yet, this is for my future reference. 

The shower must be prepared differently for a frameless shower, it is 2x the weight of the framed one and must be supported so the shower has to be done a little differently.  They also like to do it last but suggested to me that the tile surround be put in 3 weeks prior to closing since that will be the last thing to be installed...  they don't come out to the home to do a final measurement until the tile is done, so in order to complete the shower before the closing the tile.

Ask what glass company installs the shower then contact that company myself.  Ask if they can do/are willing to do seamless if Ryan approves.  If yes, then talk to PM.  Company might talk to PM directly.  
Continue to work with the glass company.  Another blogger said the glass company asked Ryan what they were charging for the standard shower and gave them that credit towards the seamless shower.  --Wouldn't that be great if it worked for me!!!

Maybe they will do a different bottom rather than the standard white tub.

The other bloogger paid the glass co. directly for this upgrade.  They went to the store and picked out what type of shower and handles they wanted.

Make it easier for Ryan to say yes and do leg work yourself - may be more likely to get your nonstandards.

Ever-growing list of items that I will want to watch for or have addressed during construction... This list may not be helpful to others because it's pretty specific but I needed a place to keep my thoughts :)

-GRADING! Neighbor's sump pump drainage issue and backyard problems

-Make sure outlet in basement for freezer is a 110V on dedicated circuit

-Fireplace mantel needs to be installed pretty close to the fireplace itself; are there shorter supports that can be used (think I've seen different sizes) - don't want the TV to be too far up the wall (uncomfortable viewing angle)

-Electric panel - is there room for expansion?

-Talk to trim guys about upgrading the trim (extra wainscoting/chair rail)

-Call glass company to work out frameless glass shower for master bath

-Will M&R work with me on installing on diagonal or extra row of listello???

-Talk to electrician about putting kitchen island lights on one/separate switch (for pendants in the future) and get him to move the hall switch from the middle of the wall

-All windows present and in the correct locations. Office and LR side windows should be separate (on pre-construction notes) and J's front window should be about 2 ft from front elevation.

-Extra outlets in study (for sconces) will be put on a switch (per PM at pre-construction).

-Watch pipes (interior/exterior) - tell them to cut flush