Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping for settlement

Well, I can't shop for furniture, textiles or accessories yet (you know, the fun stuff), but I can shop for something...  Title companies, homeowner's insurance and a Realtor to work with the rental of our current home.  Good times!  LOL

I have decided that I am going to shop around for a title/settlement company, just to make sure I'm not overpaying by using NVR Settlement.  All I'm looking for is a reliable company with really reasonable costs.  I realize if I use an outside company it may cause confusion for NVR mortgage and I will have to be extremely proactive to manage the deal, but I have heard there is some room for negotiation in the closing fees and we definitely need to save money everywhere we can.

As far as a Realtor for our current house, I've interviewed two property management companies and am leaning towards one, but have some reservations.  I'm still doing research to determine if we just take a leap of faith and find a really awesome Realtor to get the house marketed and leased but then do the property management thing ourselves.  Yes, a bad idea - I know.  But property management is another monthly bill and the amount we will  be able to get in rent does not even cover our mortgage...  I would love to do it ourselves for about 6 months or so just to help build our savings back up, then turn the house over to a property manager.  Still debating....

For those who have already closed, did any of you go with your own title/closing provider when using NVR mortgage?  How did that work out?