Saturday, March 30, 2013

One day until showtime!

Nothing much has happened in the last couple of weeks, just very impatiently waiting for our start date.  Because today is such a pretty weather day here (finally, some spring-like weather!), we went by the lot so I could take some final pictures before our start day Monday.

We drove up and I found a copy of our site plan just laying on the rock driveway (with a rock holding it down). Hmmm, wonder what they will do if it rains before they start digging and the plans are ruined???  Of course I picked it up, read through it then walked around the lot with them in my hand.  My husband said I looked like I wanted a hard hat and was ready to get to work :)

Here are pictures taken while standing at the back of our lot.  I keep telling myself  we're getting a great house and the yard does not matter, but I really hope that turns out to be the case....

future neighbor's Victoria Falls (elev C) being built...

Here's the ONLY thing I'll miss about our current house -  the view out of the back windows:

When driving the neighborhood today I noticed something that bothered me.  All of the Avalons I have seen before have a functioning window in the master bath (on the front of the house over the garage) and that window has shutters.  There is an Avalon a couple houses down the street that was just completed in January and the window is one that does not open and there's no shutters.  Just a window in the middle of a big expanse of brick.  Not only is it really plain from the outside, but I was hoping for a functioning window so I could circulate the air in the bathroom...  I didn't even think to ask PM/SR about that window because as I've mentioned every other Avalon has the windows I thought I was getting.  I know Ryan changes their offerings a lot, but to me it's kind of silly to have a big window that you can't open (especially in a bathroom).   It may be too late to put in a special request to get the right window, but I've got an email in to my SR to confirm type of window.  If it's not what I thought I was getting, I'll be asking PM if he can get it changed for me :)