Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally... :)

After 41 days and a few phone calls made trying to get the county moving, our building permit was finally approved this morning!  Now the ball's in Ryan's court - we want our hole...  SR is out until Thursday but hopefully she will have some news then (I did email her to give her a heads up on the approval).

I know this is not the only hurdle/delay I will probably experience on this journey but it just seemed like an unnecessary one... 

Guardian changes:  I need to modify my Guardian cable wiring a little (very minor changes like removing one of the flat panel pre-wires, adding 1 cable outlet and moving the location of one cable outlet).  I wrote to my Guardian rep who told me that I may need to have a Ryan Manager's approval to make the change because it was outside of the 30-day "change deadline".  My SR has not yet told me that I'm beyond the point of making updates (but I'm guessing it's close because construction should be starting soon).  I really need these changes made - too expensive to not get this right.

Has anyone had success in making any Guardian changes close to or in the early stages of construction??

The last change I'm debating is whether I go with granite through Ryan (and not get to pick my slab) or let Ryan install the included laminate and get the granite on my own.  I guess I need to decide ASAP!