Sunday, March 17, 2013

Start date - plus new granite choice

Today we received word from our SR that our start date has been set....  For APRIL 1st.....

Not the March 25th I was really hoping for, but at least I've been given a date and SR seemed pretty confident that there was not any reason to think it could be delayed further...

Today we went to put in what will probably be our final change order (due to the Guardian changes) and I also changed my granite selection.  We went down into the design room and SR showed us new samples of granite.  I got very excited to see they had the St Cecilia Light; it is perfect - exactly what I wanted.  However they also had a new color called Burlywood.  This was a nice mid-tone color and the sample looked great with the espresso cabinets and cherry floor.  As much as I wanted the St Cecilia Light, my husband was there and (unusual for him) expressed a strong preference for the Burlywood, so I gave in and went with the Burlywood.  I believe I can try and lighten the kitchen by using a nice light, warm backsplash and colorful accessories.

Here's a pic I could find online; in person it is a quite a bit lighter and had some definite warm tones in it.
Burlywood granite

Never having heard of or seen Burlywood, of course I came right home to Google it :).  Not many results came up,so it must not be very popular.  Uh, that could be good or bad..  I know some granite is known by more than one name but I can't find any AKAs for Burlywood.  Looks like I will be surprised when they install our granite!