Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Now that we've passed the Energy Star test, PM has provided our estimated walk-through and closing dates.  As of now, we are looking at our walk-through on June 21st and closing June 28th!  Those are both Fridays, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous about closing on a Friday (no "next day" cushioning so NVR better be on their toes).  Very exciting now.

Speaking of NVR, I was told that they will probably let me lock starting the beginning of next week so (little does she know) I'll be making daily calls to our loan officer to check rates and credit points.  I immensely dislike the rate roulette game and am looking forward to having that part over with :)

I'll be going through tonight to check their progress on the drywall.  I kind of lost some excitement because I wasn't pleased AT ALL with some of the quality issues I saw when the drywall went up.  I think they moved way too fast with no thought to doing it right.  Drywall is an art and not everything can be covered up by tape and spackle.  There were quite a few pieces of drywall that were so damaged or poorly installed that I would hope they have the decency to replace them...  Is it wrong to want nice smooth, even walls?  I don't think so...  I've also found issues with electrical wiring shortcuts, a crooked sump pump and other miscellaneous items.  Think it's about time for another meeting with PM :)