Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 45 - Drywall

On Thursday evening I went by the house and watched as the were loading drywall through the upstairs window.  By Saturday evening, they had it all installed.  Now for the taping, spackle,  sanding (and repeat) process!

Each part of the process so far has brought it from a dirt lot to a house.  Now with the drywall, I can finally "see" each room (structurally speaking anyway).  It was an amazing to walk into each room and just start imaging what it is going to be like living here.  

Here are the pics, in random blogger order:

living room, with bay (you can see where the sun comes in at 7:30 pm!)

standing at front door looking into dining room (more pretty sunlight shadows from the DR windows and front door)

bedroom 3

master sitting room

looking into master from sitting room

master view from bathroom


family room into kitchen

family room into kitchen and morning room