Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 43 Update

We've gotten past plumbing, HVAC and electric and are at the insulation stage.  We were too late to order Roxul, so thanks to a tip from a fellow blogger and our future neighbor, we got the installation contractor to just add some extra regular insulation between the study/family room, bedroom 4/master sitting and the wall between bedroom 3 and the open foyer.  Hopefully this helps with dimming some noise.  We also had them insulate the areas of the garage not usually done (Ryan only does the parts that touch the house).  We think we got an ok deal, it cost us an extra $200 for the insulation, but more importantly it got done.

They have also completed the brick front.  It's been raining and overcast the past couple of days so I was not able to get a picture with nice lighting.  I also didn't have my camera so tonight's pictures were taken with the standby cell phone camera.

Two questions for you all:  First, does the unfinished area of the basement get any kind of white/silver insulation on the walls?  I believe I've seen pics on some of the blogs but maybe it's a regional thing??  Second, does the brick and grout look different in the end than when first installed?  I'm not loving the super muddy/ugly orange brown color of the grout, or the fact that there is no contrast between brick and grout.  We picked the darkest brick they had to choose (Boral Berkshire), but it still looks off to me.  Hopefully it's prettier when finished :)

here she is!
hard to get a nice picture with the dumpster...

you can see a good representation of the off-color grout above the garage; I also think there are two "splotchy" looking patches under the window
master sitting area with insulation on wall shared with bedroom 4

bedroom 3

family room with extra insulation on shared study wall


insulated garage - I like the windows and service door (I think)