Saturday, May 25, 2013

Update (long overdue)

Just wanted to do a quick update with pics.  Last weekend they installed some of our trim, kitchen and bath cabinets and the doors (so awesome to walk in an see).  This week, they did the siding and shutters and another coat of paint.  I'm so excited to be close to the 30-day mark.  So ready for this process to be over.

We did get a tenant for our current home this week!  That's a big relief and now I can start the heavy-duty packing!!!

There was an issue I had to deal with this week concerning the kitchen granite - in the end, I had to pick another color but it's a long story for a separate post.

dining room

bedroom 3 and linen closet

loving the tray ceiling in the master

there's a  LOT of holes in the upper hall ceiling!
fireplace w/ bucks county ledgestone

shadowy basement :)

fireplace w/bucks county ledgestone