Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers...

…bring muddy messes and wet wood :)   I had a meeting with PM on Friday to discuss some concerns with grading and drainage and as I drove up to the site I saw that there had been a delivery of the Lincoln Logs that will soon be my house.  It rained pretty good Friday morning so everything was a mess – it was a riot to watch me walk the lot I’m sure, but I didn’t fall :).  I noticed they were pretty haphazard when they dropped the wood (no nice neat stacks for me) so I’m hoping that while it’s sitting there wet and sunk in the mud that it will not warp.  There were also two lone windows laying right by the front curb.

We went by again on Saturday morning and they had dropped the rest of the wood; some on my lot and the roof trusses on a lot further down the street.
By Thursday evening (4/11), everything was ready for basement/garage concrete Friday.  Of course Mother Nature had other plans so concrete had to be postponed. PM told me during our Friday meeting that the concrete pour was scheduled for Monday and that framing was set to begin Tuesday.

Now it’s Monday and I’m hoping they will  be able to pour concrete today because after a beautiful weekend, it was raining again this morning.  It’s supposed to be dry the rest of today and tomorrow then rain every day the rest of this week.

…Rain, rain go away – come again after my house is under roof!