Friday, April 26, 2013

Days 18-23 Moving Right Along (update with pics)

I've slacked this week on the blog.  Time is really flying - which is a GOOD thing during this process.  They've made a lot of progress this week.

Windows and doors were installed, then we got our stairs on Monday (which had been hanging out in our neighbor's garage).  My mom and I took our first "full" house tour Monday night :).  They also completed the house wrap and roof, and yesterday evening I was watching the guy install the garage door. It's really coming along.

Along with the blog slacking, I let time sneak up on me and haven't yet ordered the Roxul (insulation) that I want to use in the walls between a couple of rooms and around some of the plumbing areas.  I hope I am able to get it in time then I'll have to make sure I catch the small window of opportunity there is to get in and get the DIY insulation done.

here's what it looked like: Thursday 4/25

back view 4/25
morning room

closet of bedroom 4 looking into foyer

bedroom 2 (my future "me" room)

looking into the master bath

bedroom 4
bedroom 3

hard to get a pic of this side - master bedroom side
I like this pic - the sunset reflecting off the side

For Amy:  another half a lime in the midst of all the other debris; still no Corona :)

Speaking of construction debris/trash - is anyone else's lot just a disaster???  There is so much trash and junk strewn about...  I certainly hope the indoor crew isn't that messy :(