Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family room TV placement

I've been trying to decide where to put the TV in the family room - normally not a decision that has to be made during construction; however, I have Guardian doing a flat panel pre-wire for it so I've got to get it installed in the correct location.  I know TVs are an eyesore but for me it's a necessary "design evil".  The TV going into this room is pretty large (51" now but we want to replace with something a little bigger)  and eventually we will be putting in some sort of surround sound.

For the longest time, I've thought the best place would be over the fireplace.  However, that would mean having outlets installed and drilling holes into the nice stone (messing up my pretty stone fireplace and removing the possibility of moving the TV without mounting something else to cover the mess).  There is one other wall the TV could be located on, but I don't know how to arrange the furniture for that placement.

I don't worry too much about the view of the TV from any room but this one; the kitchen is adjacent to the family room but there's actually a pretty decent view of either location.

So, I'm opening this up for your thoughts and comments.  Any opinion is welcome and appreciated!

Here are pictures of my two placement options:

above fireplace  (that's the kitchen and morning room to the left)

wall (where those pictures are now)

another view of the two walls; again, the kitchen is to the left