Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 17: Major Framing=Done

Keeping up the pace they got the roof done today, along with installing some random windows.
They also fixed the framing for a side living room and study window as well as created additional framing for another window in each of those rooms (separate post about the windows coming soon).  

I'm blown away by how fast they went, but I can't help but wonder if I should be thinking about the quality.  Guess I'll be able to catch the details as the build progresses - right now I'm just too happy :)

I arrived at about 6:30, just as they were finishing up and leaving.  There were a lot of dark clouds coming (was supposed to storm this evening) but the rain held off just long enough so I could take a tour inside :)

family room, morning room in the back of the pic


love this pic - that's a lot of wood
standing in the foyer looking up to bed 2 on the right and door to master and bed 4 on left

future site of front door and foyer window

dining room

living room

no, my yard is not this big :(
I'm standing on the tot lot behind my house