Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bring on the boxes

Another sign this move is a reality - I'm packing my first box!  Hey, I have to do something to fill the time while waiting to break ground (not like I don't have a full time job, long commute, 2 kids and a home to take care of) :)

My (wonderful) mom found moving boxes on sale as Lowe's - .97 for the medium size.  This is better than I've seen anywhere, even in bundles on the internet.

We have a list of things to do to get our current home ready to put on the market for rent (so wish I could sell but that's another story).  Thankfully we can do most of the work but I need to hire a handyman to do a minor project or two.  I admit to being kind of daunted by what needs to be done and the relative short time we have to do it in.  Pitfalls of procrastination I guess.  The great thing is that with building new I will be able to move into my new home and only have the "fun" stuff to do.

As far as I know, I'm still scheduled to break ground 2/25.  I keep checking the county's permit inquiry site and there are 2 pending items (engineering department and soil conservation). I wonder if I need those approvals to begin?   I'm going to email PM on Monday just to check in and make sure we are still good to go.

I've got to go shopping for a refrigerator and washer/dryer this weekend.  I want to catch the President's Day sales because I think they are the best time to buy appliances other than Black Friday.  I was told by HHGregg that I could buy now and delay delivery until end of May/beginning of June.  The sales guy also said that they will price match within that time (but something does not sound right to me).  Anyway, I am looking at a couple of Samsung french door refrigerators (dang they are expensive-boo) and an LG top-load washer and dryer.  I know the top-load washers are not as highly rated but I've disliked my current front-loader with a passion so I don't know if I can go that route again....