Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reconsidering my granite selection at the last minute...

Ok, maybe it's just me being ridiculous, but I'm really nervous about my granite choice.  I think I may have done the wrong thing by picking Luna Pearl.  I'm going with the Maple Espresso cabinets; hopefully the kitchen won't be too dark and I'll be able to keep them clean :)

I've seen so many pretty Ryan kitchens with the Santa Cecilia granite so that was my first choice.  However when I went to to the carpet place, they had a counter top done in the Santa Cecilia that was an absolutely AWFUL color (and the new slab sample they had just received was pretty gross too)!  I've definitely never seen that variation of Santa Cecilia before.  The sales rep there (and at the tile place) confirmed that was more along the lines of what has been coming in lately.  So knowing that Ryan has not been very accommodating with some things, and that my SR had already basically told me there was no way I would be allowed to call the granite supplier and coordinate a visit to pick my own slab (why? I would do ALL the work - anyway), I ultimately decided the Luna Pearl would be a safer choice.   The problem is I've never seen more than a 3x3 sample in real life and there are not many good pictures online.  I'm wondering if there is a good reason not many people choose the Luna Pearl (some have started with that then changed).  I'm also worried my kitchen will be really cold feeling.

If I knew for sure I could get granite installed for less than I'm paying Ryan for it, then I would go that route, but there is a lot of counter top in that kitchen (almost 85 sq ft) and I really don't have any idea how much it would cost me.  Plus, I'm running very low as far as cash available to do upgrades.

Additionally, I'm thinking of having them leave the granite "backsplash" off, as I plan on doing a tile backsplash within the year and I'm worried that removing the granite may damage the wall.  Is it a good idea to leave this piece off and just leave a bare wall until I get my tile up?

I'm so close to breaking ground (yea! - come on Feb. 25th) so I'm sure I have to choose really soon.  Do I take a chance on the Santa Cecilia and hope I get a pretty version or do I go with the Luna Pearl??