Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pre-construction Monday

Tomorrow is the next step in our journey - the pre-construction meeting.  I'll be meeting the PM for the first time and I admit to being very curious as to what he's going to be like.  I see so many stories of other Ryan PMs being super (and unfortunately some that are not as good); just hoping we luck out and have a good one.  They are building a lot of homes in my neighborhood right now, and are selling more, so he is a busy man.  That's ok - I'll be at the house every day enough to try and make sure nothing slips through :)

I've spent a lot of time doing my homework for this meeting and I have a lot of important questions written down to discuss.  I've also got a lot of detail-type questions, just to be sure I know exactly what I'm getting.  I'm hoping for a nice long meeting to get as much addressed as I can, but I'm sure a busy PM may not appreciate that very much :)

Any suggestions for the pre-construction meeting??