Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Building permit delay

Dear Charles County "Engineering Department": You are not on the nice list.  Please get your act together and submit the required information so our building permit can be approved.  You have only been asked for it three times.  It is not that difficult, really it's not.  Thank you. :)

Our building permit application was received by the county on 1/23.  There are a few departments that need to give approvals for the permit to be issued.  Well, every other department has done their part (most did within the first week).  But the engineering department is still outstanding.  I made a call yesterday to try and find out why the permit has not been issued. I found out that there was an issue with the proposed grading and that the engineering department needs to provide some additional information (info on adjoining lots so they can determine everything is going to work together).  They have been asked three times to provide the information and still have not done so.

Out of curiosity, I looked at other recent permits for my neighborhood and it generally takes less than 20 days to issue the permits - some even take just a week. Little annoying that ours had to be the one to take so long and actually delay the start...

We had been told we were were supposed to break ground on 2/25 but with no permit yet, and it being this late in the week, it's not looking like it will happen.  BOO!

My camera is charged and ready to go and I have old shoes in my car for my trips to the site.  I guess for now I will continue to admire my orange and blue topped stakes =)   Wonder if they will let me keep them to use to make a wall art piece for the garage (just kidding)...