Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pre-construction summary

The pre-construction meeting went very well.  There was a lot covered in this meeting, beginning with a run-through of the actual build schedule of a typical Avalon.  This was very helpful to build a picture of the steps in my head.  Then we went through the blueprints in detail, confirming all of our options/selections; electrical plans, lot and grading plans, etc…  Finally we walked the lot, which was very difficult because it was a slippery, muddy mess; my feet kept sinking into the mud. But I was able to get a good idea of what it will look like.

I did get a little worried for a second.  PM brought up the agreement we signed limiting our access to the home to escorted only (boo).  Then he relieved my mind by telling us that he does not mind if we walk the house pretty much whenever we wanted.  The only thing he requested is that we not go in the dark and are careful to always follow common sense safety rules.  AWESOME!  This means I can feel free to stalk my home without fear of “getting in trouble”.   

At the end, he stated that he was very confident he could get the house done within the 90 day build time and it was more likely that any delays to closing would come from the NVR Mortgage side (especially the appraisal).  He advised me that as I get closer to the day that it would be important for me to continually (stressing continually) follow up with them to make sure things proceed as they need to.  I already had it in my mind that I was going to do this but hearing him strongly advise it just confirmed.  I’m sure he’s seen his share of NVR Mortgage delays and mess-ups. 

I didn’t feel rushed at all during the meeting and I got most of my questions answered.  The ones that were not were things that can be addressed later.

On the lot, there was some additional progress past the stakes.  Yesterday they cut the front curb and silt fence then made the rocky construction entrance.  More progress is always exciting. 

As of now, we are scheduled to break ground February 25th and the projected build time is 90 days.  The permits and loan approval are still pending and need to be done before breaking ground.  I can track the permits through the county’s website (yea), and NVR Mortgage has already gotten a call from me this morning J  Supposedly our loan is still in underwriting and we should hear something “soon”.  Ok, the application was put in on January 10th, and did not go to underwriting until sometime last week.  GRRR.  Not funny NVRM.