Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kitchen finalization (...i think)

I saw a sample of the Impala Black granite today and it was mostly gray with black specks rather than the much prettier black with minimal gray that is in the Clinton Avalon model.  So the possibility I may get gray granite (which does NOT go with the Maple Cognac cabinets) combined with the fact that the cognac/impala black combo would cost me $1850 more than my other option, led me to the best decision out of the available options.  I will be going with the Espresso cabinets and Luna Pearl granite.  Finally, a decision made. :)

Now I can't second guess myself; I must not worry about the cabinets being too dark or hard to keep clean, or the luna pearl being dated.  My kitchen is going to look fantastic and I am going to be very content with it

I just emailed our changes to our SR.  She responded immediately and asked if I still wanted the price on the maple cognac/maple espresso non-standard request I had put in.  I had to go back and tell her that I decided not to go that route.  She has been so great to work with; I really hope I didn't annoy her with the two cancelled non-standard kitchen requests.  Especially because I am going to ask for window location changes in the living room and daughter's bedroom and a change to the walkout in the basement :)