Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thoughts on Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe it's just me, but WHY does the Ryan cabinet selection include cabinets that look too similar?  I reviewed the Timberlake website, and see a few really nice styles so I wish Ryan would vary their offerings a little more.

Cabinets are important because while they charge you a lot to upgrade, this is something I won't be able to afford to replace for a long time so I want to do them as nice as I can now.  I was looking forward to having a more transitional style, with a full overlay and minimal detailing (like the Timberlake Capistrano or Yellowstone), but they really don't have anything like that.  I did put in a request to see if I could get the Capistrano style so fingers crossed....

When writing the contract, my SR had me pick a backup in case my alternative style request didn't come through.  I picked one of the Wyoming cherry colors (can't remember which one now) but I really didn't have time to think about it - husband was getting a little impatient with the long process at this point.  I came home and really don't think that's the way I want to go (they are not even full overlay) and I'm not sure the color will go with any wood floor I plan on putting down.  Don't want to go ceramic in the kitchen in order to avoid too many flooring transitions (carpet in the family room/study and hardwood everywhere else).  I liked the espresso color, even though they are expensive for a veneer, but I have read that the dark cabinets are difficult to keep looking clean.  That, and I think the dark might close in that big, beautiful kitchen too much.

For the granite, I picked St. Cecilia to start with because I felt it was the most universal but I would really, really want a slab that wasn't yellow.

I may splurge on the Scottsdale Espresso in the master bath but I will wait until my M&R appointment to make the tile selection before finalizing the cabinets and granite.  The wheat granite is the initial choice for the master bath vanity.

My other kitchen alternative is to go with what was used in the Avalon model closest to me; it is the Scottsdale Maple Cognac with Impala Black (upgrade) granite.  Overall it is a nice look, but the level 2 granite is an extra $2750!