Friday, January 18, 2013

k.i.t.c.h.e.n is now a bad word

So 12 days after signing the purchase agreement, I am STILL losing sleep over the kitchen colors. Literally losing sleep.  Yes, it is that important and no, none of the options really work for me.  I think I am thrilled with all my other choices but the kitchen.....

I started with a special request for the Timberlake Capistrano style cabinets (I love you full-overlay style), I never know if that would have got approved but I figured they would charge even more than their most expensive standard option, the Rushmore Butterscotch.  At this point, I really can't spend that much on cabinets.

Last weekend, I decided the Scottsdale Maple Cognac with the Espresso island and Tan Brown granite might work so I changed my special request.   I figured it would save me money, even though I continued to have doubts.  Especially about the Tan Brown granite - its just not my type of look.

Then, I decided the Scottsdale Maple Espresso and Santa Cecilia granite would be ok (with the hope that the kitchen wouldn't be too dark).  However when I went to CTI and M&R, I saw examples of the Santa Cecilia granite that I just can not risk getting.  Both places confirmed the Santa Cecilia they've been seeing lately is this yellow-gold-mustard blend and not the prettier more tan/brown-based background with crisp dark veining.  If I could guarantee I could pick my slab (and guarantee they had a good slab to choose) then I would love that combo.  But now I know there are versions of Santa Cecilia that just aren't what I want and with my luck I'd get one of those.  The representative at CTI pointed out the New Caledonia granite and for awhile I was going to be ok with that, even though it would be kind of a cold, dark kitchen.

NOW, however - I'm having second third fourth thoughts.  I've been looking at pictures of the New Caledonia and I think it's going to go too dark and blue-based. Then I started considering the Luna Pearl to go lighter but I was reading that this is a very "dated" granite color, definitely not the look I was going for but still may very well be my best only choice.

As of right now, here are my options:

Option 1 - Scottsdale Maple Cognac with level 2 Impala Black granite
Pros:  least expensive cabinet option, wouldn't be dark, nice neutral color, pretty granite, combo looks good in the model, I have a good choice of backsplash with this granite
Cons:  expensive granite (big $ upgrade)
Concerns:  Will these cabinets go too orange (they can get very orange in pictures)?  Will they clash with my Cherry floors?

Here's a pic of the Avalon model (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this big, functional kitchen :)) with the Maple Cognac/Impala Black.  The unknown is still my cherry floors:

Option 2 - Scottsdale Maple Espresso with Luna Pearl granite
Pros:  cabinets look good with the cherry hardwood floors, no upgrade cost on the granite
Cons:  maybe a cold kitchen, I've never seen Luna Pearl in real life (big con)
Concerns:  is the Luna Pearl dated?  Is it going to look good?

Here's a pic from of the Espresso/Luna Pearl/dark hardwoods (they also selected the Bare Mineral carpet that I picked for upstairs)