Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guardian #2 - Security System

For $250 Guardian will install nice “invisible” contacts in the 4 exit doors, one motion detector and one keypad.  Ok, this is a little skimpy but fine.  This locks you to a 3 or 5 year monitoring contract at $45, $49 or $55 depending on what level of service you want.  There is no fire or CO2 monitoring included but it is available for more $$.  I think we would have viewed this more favorably if fire and CO2 were included with the system, as that is very beneficial to have monitored.  Most other security companies do the same thing with the “discount” equipment and mandatory contracts, and at least Guardian’s are nicely wired into the house where you don’t see it.  I think the basic system is almost adequate, although I think first floor window sensors and an extra motion detector should have been included to make it a true security system.  Of course, anything above their basic is very, very expensive. 

Initially we were set against the Guardian security system, but sitting there it didn’t sound that bad and we decided to go for it.  On the way home, having more time to digest the information, we began to second guess the decision (shocking I knowJ).  Yes, an alarm is important but I can get a wireless system and there are cheaper monitoring companies out there that provide the same level service Guardian does (most in this area run $25-$35 per month).  The wireless boxes are not aesthetically pleasing but I can overlook that to save money each month.  

In the end, we decided that locking ourselves into a $45/month monitoring agreement was not something we are comfortable with so we are opting not to go with Guardian for security.  We are going to install a system on our own.  

Info:  I did find out that their pricing automically includes a $5/month repair service charge which covers parts and labor if something needs to be fixed.  They can take that off if you ask.  They will also offer three months of free monitoring if you bring it up.

I can’t wait until all the decisions are over and I can’t worry about them anymore.  That, and I want them to start building my house already!!  Saturday is our finalization meeting with our SR and I'm hoping to have more information about the next steps at that time.