Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some Finalized Selections

Mom, daughter and I went today and spent a lot of time at the Avalon model in a nearby city.  The sales rep recognized us from last time we went.  I felt a little strange spending time planning my home in the model, but then I got over it - we are spending a lot of money for this house and it is much easier to imagine things standing in the model we're buying :)

We then went to the model in our future neighborhood to finalize the outside color choices. Immediately, mom and daughter pointed out the Berkshire brick as they one they liked (without knowing what I picked).  There was no other brick choice (or siding and shutters) that would work for us so I ended up with the original color scheme my husband and I picked the first time:  Berkshire brick, black shutters and Sandy Tan siding.  The almond was the only trim color allowed with this combination and surprisingly I'm ok with it - looking at other homes the neighborhood the almond does make sense.

Boral Berkshire brick, Sandy Tan siding, black shutters (the camera flash really washes out the brick)

Then we looked at the cabinet choices.  While I'm still not convinced I shouldn't try for the full-face modern cabinets I wanted (had in a non-standard request to get the Timberlake Capistrano); I convinced myself that choosing one of the standard offerings would be better (for the cost savings).  The Rushmore Butterscotch Maple Glaze is full-overlay and looks good in others' kitchens but I'm concerned that they will go too yellow/orange for me, plus they are a $6695 upgrade. If I could get a non-standard request for the Hazelnut Glaze that would be better but would be even more $$.  The Scottsdale Espresso Maple is nice but may look really dark and heavy in that kitchen.  Mom said the Cherry Bordeaux colors were too red for my cherry hardwood floor choice (and they probably are).  So in the end I picked the Scottsdale Maple Cognac.  I did put in a non-standard request to have the island done in the Scottsdale Espresso Maple as an accent.  I like two-tone cabinets but usually they are done with a white/dark combo not a mid-color and dark.  My SR said that they would probably charge me what the full kitchen Espresso Maple cost - NOT NECESSARY!  The difference between the Cognac and Espresso is $900  (same style cabinet, and veneer at that).  I would pay an extra $200 or so but NOT the full kitchen price difference.  I've seen on another Ryan blog where someone mixed the Rushmore Butterscotch with an Espresso island (pretty combo) so I know it can be done.  I'll just see what they come back with.

I love the Impala Black granite with the Maple Cognac that is shown in the Clinton Avalon model, but that is a Level 2 and a lot more $.  The best option with the Cognac in the Level 1 was the Tan Brown.

Here's my probable kitchen combo (for now):

A closer look of what the Maple Cognac and Tan Brown looks like installed:

The granite it busier than I prefer, but it really is the best Level 1 option.  A lighter granite, Golden Garnet is shown here:

Here's the Avalon model nearby with the Maple Cognac and Impala Black granite.  Didn't get a better close-up of the granite but it's pretty:

My flooring choice:  Bruce  2 1/4 inch Manchester Strip-Red Oak in Cherry

Finally, the Bucks County Ledgestone to be used for the Family Room fireplace: