Friday, January 11, 2013


Like most who purchase a home, we were asked to make many option decisions the day we signed the purchase agreement.  Note to Ryan: not too many homeowners are going to make their best decisions about brick and siding when they are trying to work on negotiation and are processing what they are getting themselves into.

I certainly did not feel I could make my best decision that day and now have to go back to verify our choices.  It isn't too bad, because we are local and it is no hardship to go back, but I can't imagine those who can not or do not go again when they are better able to concentrate on those decisions.

The brick selections are new, our SA said they just started selling them.  They don't have the clean, rich color (kind of burgundy-merlot) we were looking for and there are only a couple of siding choices we can pair with the brick.  The brick we initially picked, the Boral Berkshire, is the darkest in the choices we had and it appears to have random bricks of a deeper color.  The finished look could be beautiful or turn out very blotchy.  Who knows?  Being a new selection, there's no home I can see it on.   With nothing to be found on the internet, we are going with a blind pick-only viewing a 2x3 sample on a wall in the model basement.  For someone with a taste for designer but no designer eye at all, this is tough.  Mom and I are going tomorrow to concentrate on the outside colors and if there's time I want to pick some cabinet and granite combinations in case my nonstandard request does not come through.  I'm very glad to have my mom in this; she is the one who will have fun with me and doesn't show her annoyance too much when I get indecisive and stressed about my decisions (I love you, mom).