Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Upcoming trip and more musings on the kitchen...

Only one more day until my trip to CTI and M&R.  I can't wait!  I really hope I can take my time in both places and leave with decisions I am comfortable with.

As if I didn't have enough of an attention deficit sometimes, this new house has me daydreaming constantly.  I only wish I had enough money to furnish and decorate that massive house the way I want :)  Oh well, one day... For now I have prioritized my first expenditures as a washer/dryer, desk for my husband's office and family room furniture.  I would also love to get a table set for the morning room so my dining room isn't empty.

Also, the great kitchen indecision continues.  I'm sure my family is tired of hearing about it already (sorry guys, I really am)  I just can't make any of the cabinet and granite choices work for me.  I've got to pick something though so I've spent the better part of the last week scouring the internet for pictures of Ryan Homes kitchens.  This includes viewing kitchen pictures of every model on the Ryan site.  Obsessive?  Yes, definitely (and slightly embarrassing).  But I need to find something I like and get my decision made soon.

I'm getting kind of concerned I haven't received my approved purchase agreement in the mail (I signed it Jan 6th and it was supposed to come back to me signed by the main office).  I also have a list of five thousand questions, many of things I think needs to be addressed before my finalization meeting. I'm going to call my SR on Friday to check in and keep us on the radar!