Sunday, January 6, 2013

We've signed a contract! Preliminary Setup

After going back and forth about lot selection, we finally went with the one that made the most financial sense.  While we are not 100% thrilled with the lot (ok, really not happy), it was the builder lot special and the house worked out slightly cheaper by going with this lot - always a positive.  Our biggest issues were that we would have loved at least a thin tree line in the back, a little larger backyard and no big ugly power transformer, cable post, Verizon flat box and round "manhole" cover right in front of the house.  Overall, I have to tell myself that the house will make up for the lot and it will all work out fine. 

We've made preliminary option selections, but I'm sure I'll change my mind a few (okay, many) times in the next 30 days.  So far, I'm having the most trouble with the kitchen cabinet and granite selections, nothing is really what I want (especially because I'm paying so much for the upgrades), but I'll find the right thing with a little time.  I've found two cabinet styles I like on the Timberlake Cabinetry website and today I put in a special request for one of the styles, the Capistrano.  I love full overlay, clean look cabinets. I got the idea to do this from another Ryan Homes blog as they were able to pick something not offered in the standard lineup, so again I'm thankful that others chose to share their experiences! I can't imagine myself at CTI and M&R Floors for carpet and tile.  I'm on a very tight budget for carpet upgrades and it is unfortunate as I think nice carpet would be a big benefit for comfort and style purposes.  Hopefully they will have a pretty good selection for me to choose from.

I've posted our selections/options on another tab and will keep it updated through all the changes.  

Who knew there were set color schemes for the exterior?  We chose a brick color that is a new option for our community, the Boral Berkshire, and had to go with the Sandy Tan siding, red door and almond trim as they were the only options allowed with black shutters....  Looking at it again, I wish we could see the brick on more than a small sample but this is a color they just started selling.  The internet does not have pictures that help either =(  This means one more trip to the model for review of my selection.

Because of the close proximity of another Avalon, we had to go with elevation C.  I wanted elevation B (primarily for the cost savings, hip roof, the really beautiful LR/DR round top windows and the fact most of the windows are separate and not the "doubles"), but that was already taken by our neighbor.  The only plus to the elevation is a little extra sq. ft. in the DR and bedroom 2, but this will hit us at tax time.