Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trim options - still deciding

I'm trying to decide between just the first level trim upgrade, which includes crown molding in the DR and LR along with chair rail in the DR and study and the next level which adds (beautiful) wainscoting in the DR, foyer, stairs, upstairs hall and study (husband does not like in the study but I think it is so classy and upscale).  I was just fine with the first trim package but after viewing the model today, it is hard to turn down that wainscoting.  So perfect. Haven't made up my mind, but I really want the upgrade....

Besides, I'm already spending a ridiculous amount to get metal balusters, so why not?  I got the metal balusters 1) because I like the look and 2) to update the very traditional style of the banister (especially the curved bottoms).

foyer, stairs with wainscoting

study with wainscoting
***UPDATE:  Much of the trim in the model (including the study wainscoting) is custom for the model and not available in one of the trim packages.  I could never get an answer about exactly what trim work came in each of the trim packages so I ended up going with the 2nd to the highest trim package and will try and work with the trim contractor to pay cash on the side for the extra trim where I want it.  I would love to go with the highest level trim package (as I do know the crown molding and baseboards are wider) but that is an extra $900.  I wonder if the nice wide door casings in the model are standard or part of the high upgrade package.  I know, I've spent too much effort thinking about trim =) ***