Sunday, January 27, 2013

Refrigerator Question- Through Ryan or On Our Own?

I've been thinking about the refrigerator.  Right now, we are ordering through Ryan.  The price is not bad and I'll be able to walk into a finished kitchen.   With the Ryan credit, both options would cost less than $1700.  My question is, do I take the standard refrigerator and try to get one on my own for less than $1800 or do I just take one of the options offered by Ryan? I did notice many Ryan bloggers buy their own refrigerators which is what made me rethink our original decision.

Ryan offeres two GE Profile options.  The first is the GE Profile 25.9 cu. ft.  It is very similar to what we have now, and we have a chest freezer for the basement so freezer space is not an issue.  This option is $2295 minus a credit of $750 given by Ryan.  Total $1545.  This is what is on our order right now.

The other option is the GE Profile 22 cu. ft french door.  I would prefer a french door style but this model is pretty small.  It's smaller than the above not only in interior space but outside dimensions (won't fill up the space as nicely).  This option is $2395 minus $750 credit.  Total $1645.