Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flooring Selections

Last week, my mom and I visited CTI to pick carpets.  There was a lot of back and forth with this (like with everything else) and I actually had to run by again this afternoon.   Here's what I ended up selecting:

In the basement, we are going with the Level A carpet in the Baseline style, color is Thornwood.  The sample looked good and I've seen the Thornwood in other blogs and it looks nice in those homes.  I've even seen a pic of it in someone's basement.  Thanks fellow Ryan bloggers!

In the family room and study I picked the Level D :( (so not happy about going up that high) Easy Approve style in River Slate.  I think this looks ok with my cherry hardwood floors and preferred decor style but it is so hard to tell. I wish I had a better eye for these things.

Upstairs, my choice is the Easy Approve in Bare Mineral.

I upgraded to the 8 lb padding everywhere but the basement.  I probably should have upgraded the basement for additional comfort and warmth, but as we may be redoing the basement carpet when we finish the media room in the future, I really wanted to use the money on other upgrades (like my morning room side windows) :).

The Easy Approve is a very plush polyester (100% BCF Cleartouch PET Polyester) carpet, which is not supposed to hold up as well as nylon carpets.  And even though it is a D level (E is the highest in my area), it is still only rated for "mid" foot traffic. Little worried about that. We are pretty hard on our floors and I hope I'm not spending all this money on carpets that will mat and look terrible in a year. It is a little risky to go for something this plush I think, but it was the style with the color choices that suited me best.

Actually, the carpet I originally chose for the family room and study was a C level Simple Times in Feather.  I thought the color was nice and I liked the frieze style for a change.  When mom and I went back to the model this weekend to look at the cabinets, I saw they actually had a sample of this and I'm so glad they did.  The color was completely different than I thought it was, and I ended up seeing a lot of purple in the taupe-ish color.  Not what I was going for. I also found that sample clashed with the cherry hardwoods.  Not a good look.  That color must be one with a lot of variations.  Today at CTI, I didn't see another color in that style that I liked, and on top of that, my husband (who actually does not have an opinion on much of the decor) said he didn't like the frieze style AT ALL.  So funny.  So there was another couple hundred dollars in the upgrade from the C to D.

Here's the Easy Approve in River Slate and Bare Mineral.  Pic is from my phone camera and of course does not do the colors any justice.  They are very pretty in person.

River Slate, Bare Mineral

I also chose the resilient/vinyl flooring for the basement bath and laundry room at CTI.   The basement bath is the Armstrong Initiator 66175 (Bridgeton-Parchment) and the laundry room is the Initiator 66182 (Glenville-Mesa Tan).
Initiator 66175 - Basement Bath
Initiator 66182 - Laundry Room

The Foyer, LR, DR, first floor "halls", powder room, kitchen and morning room are being done in the Bruce 2 1/4 inch Manchester - Cherry.  Yes, bad pic.